HDI Visual Inspection

A number of problems were found on the HDIs by visual inspection. Some of them were known problems from Aurel.

  1. HDI H1-13, side n. The read-left-digital-output+ bond was missing. This was due to a problem in bonding at Aurel. The pad on chip 1 was damaged. As a result we cannot expect to be able to read chips 2-3-4-5-6 on this HDI from the left.

  2. HDI H1-13, side n. The PSUB bond on chip 2 looks suspicious, it may not be connected. We decided not to replace it because it did not look like there was enough room on the pad to put down a second bond.

  3. HDI H1-29, side ??. The chip-ID connections on chip ?? were not bonded correctly and needed to be redone.

  4. HDI H1-29, side n. One of the CMD A bonds to chip 3 was missing and had to be rebonded. This had tested OK in Milano.

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