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  Books on Reserve (all 1-day)  Physics 225A  Fall 1999  Nelson

  1. Bowler, M. G.
     Femtophysics : a short course on particle physics : by M.G. Bowler.  1st
     ed.  Oxford [England]; New York: Pergamon Press, 1990.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC793.2 .B68 1990 Sci-Eng

     Concise phenomonology text.

  2. Cahn, Robert N.
     The experimental foundations of particle physics / Robert N. Cahn and
     Gerson Goldhaber. Cambridge; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1989.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC793.2 .C34 1989 Sci-Eng

     Original papers preceded by concise summaries.  Very helpful for
     for the time interval from 1932 to 1983.

  3. Close, F. E.
     The particle explosion / Frank Close, Michael Marten & Christine Sutton.  
     New York : Oxford University Press, c1987.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC793.2 .C56 1987 Sci-Eng

     `Coffee Table' book with excellent illustrations.

  4. Feynman, Richard Phillips.
     Elementary particles and the laws of physics : the 1986 Dirac memorial
     lectures / Richard P. Feynman and Steven Weinberg; lecture notes compiled
     by Richard MacKenzie and Paul Doust.  Cambridge; New York: Cambridge
     University Press, 1987.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC793.28 .F49 1987

     Contains Feynman's Lecture `The reason for antiparticles.' and
     Weinberg's lecture `Toward the Final Laws of Physics.'

  5. Griffiths, David J. (David Jeffrey), 1942-
     Introduction to elementary particles / David Griffiths.  
     New York : Harper & Row, c1987.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC793.2 .G75 1987b Sci-Eng

     Concise phenomenology text.

  6. Halzen, F. (Francis)
     Quarks and leptons : an introductory course in modern particle physics /
     Francis Halzen, Alan D. Martin.  New York : Wiley, c1984.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC793.5.Q2522 H34 1984 Sci-Eng

     The standard particle phenomenology text.

  7. Kleinknecht, K. (Konrad), 1940-
     Detectors for particle radiation / Konrad Kleinknecht.  Cambridge
     [Cambridgeshire] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1986.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC786 .K57 1986 Sci-Eng

     Detailed descriptions of a number of useful particle detectors.

  8. Knoll, Glenn F.
     Radiation detection and measurement / Glenn F. Knoll.  
     New York : Wiley, c1979.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC787.C6 K56 Sci-Eng

     General survey of nuclear and particle detectors.

  9. Leo, William R., 1948-
     Techniques for nuclear and particle physics experiments : a how-to
     approach / William R. Leo.  Berlin ; New York : Springer-Verlag, c1987.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC793.46 .L46 1987 Sci-Eng

     General survey of nuclear and particle detectors.

 10. Perkins, Donald H.
     Introduction to high energy physics / Donald H. Perkins.  3rd ed.  Menlo
     Park, Calif. : Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., c1987.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC793.2 .P47 1987 Sci-Eng

     Concise (often maddeningly so) overview of particle phenomenology
     and experimental technique.

 11. periodical, `Adventures in experimental physics,'
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC1 .A35 Sci-Eng     
     1972: Alpha-1973:Gamma;v.4 (1974)-v.5(1975).  No longer published.

     Contains discovery stories and reprints of some of the bigger
     experimental breakthroughs.  L. Alvarez's column on page v, Gamma
     edition is full of `attitude'.

 12. Ritson, David M.
     Techniques of high energy physics.  New York, 
     Interscience Publishers, 1961.
     Series title:  Interscience monographs and texts in 
     physics and astronomy v. 5.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC784 .R5 Sci-Eng

     The first chapter has extremely concise discussions of the
     interaction of particles with matter.

 13. Rossi, Bruno Benedetto, 1905-
     High-energy particles, Bruno Rossi.  Englewood Cliffs, N.J.,
     Prentice-Hall, 1961, c1952.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC721 .R828 1961 Sci-Eng

     An older work, but with some gems hidden inside, particularly
     about electromagnetic shower development.

 14. Taubes, Gary.
     Nobel dreams : power, deceit, and the ultimate experiment/Gary Taubes.  
     1st ed.  New York : Random House, c1986.
     UCSB  Main Lib  QC793.4 .T38 1986 Sci-Eng

     The discovery of the W and Z, and what came after, from the
     viewpoint of a writer/journalist, with no attempt
     to gloss over the realities of modern-day research.
     Not a text book.

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