Physics 115A Final Exam Solutions

The solutions are 12 pages total.

Problem 1: [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

Problem 2: [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

Problem 3(a & b): [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

Problem 3(c & d: [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

Problem 3(d continued): [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

Problem 4(a, b, c): [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

Problem 4(d & e): [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

Problem 4(f & g): [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

Problem 5(a, b, c): [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

Problem 5(d & e): [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

Problem 5(f & g): [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

Problem 5(h): [GIF]; [JPG]; [PS].

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